4-days Exclusive Business Retreat "AWAKEN"
Wake out of your limitations!
December 12-15'24: Dubai
Awaken is a transformative Journey for Corporate Leaders and Entrepreneurs aiming for higher impact and fulfilment. It is a 4-day journey that impacts leaders in many dimensions.
Famous entrepreneurs, screenwriters, professors, investors, actors, writers – the richest & the most famous people in the world – fly to her for Consultations.
Awaken leads you to Intellectual Freedom:
Deep insights help you break free from persistent, unanswered questions.
Promotes intellectual freedom from limiting beliefs and concepts that have limited your potential for growth.
Preethaji & Krishnaji
For every day spent in suffering is a wasted day, & every day lived in a beautiful state is life truly lived.
Through powerful processes it addresses past wounds and disappointments. And facilitates heartfelt connections, and enduring relationships in personal and professional life.
Awaken offers you Emotional Healing:
You are educated in meditations that reduces limbic system overactivity, dissolving habitual anxiety and stress.
You are offered modalities that activate the mid-prefrontal cortex for an expanded self-awareness.
You are trained in meditation methods to consciously shift brain states from beta to theta, enhancing intuition.
You are lead through processes that encourage gamma state for heightened experience of Oneness and compassion.
Awaken offers Brain Training Practices:
Through tried and tested meditation practices built on ancient mysticism and modern research in neuroscience, inter-personal conflicts are diffused. Unproductive states of mind such as regret and shame, anger and resentment are dissolved. Participants awaken to ease with themselves and peace in their relationships. True cooperation between teams becomes possible.
Awaken Dissolves Conflict:
Preethaji & Krishnaji
Forgiveness is not weakness. It is Intelligence. It is a state of mind that permits freedom, happiness & love in relationship.
Not a mere improvement technique, but a journey of liberation.
Frees from destructive unconscious tendencies.
Enhances presence, joy, productivity, and efficiency.
Awaken is a unique journey essential for every individual, particularly those in leadership and entrepreneurial roles, seeking profound personal and professional transformation.
Preethaji & Krishnaji
If you are in a peaceful state of consciousness, healing unfolds in every cell of your Body.
Sri Preethaji is a transformational leader, known for her original teachings, and consciousness technology that has helped awaken millions to peace, connection and oneness.
Sri Preethaji along with her husband Sri Krishnaji has created the gigantic architectural marvel of Ekam as World Centre for Enlightenment in India to accommodate 8000 seekers in a state of meditation.
She has co-authored the US bestselling book ‘The four sacred secrets’ along with Sri Krishnaji in 2018. And together they have taught the enlightened living series on India’s most viewed channel Times Now for over 6 months every Saturday and Sunday.
Sri Preethaji has also created “Oneness Yoga”- an integration of 5 forms of yoga to help the world realize the true spirit of yoga.
She travels to the USA, Europe, Australia, Latin America, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, China every year offering her 4-day signature program called the ‘Field of Awakening’.
Her purpose is to create a revolution in human consciousness from stress to peace, from disconnection to connection, from division to oneness, so this earth can be a harmonious space for us & all life.
Sri Preethaji has conducted programs for several multi-national organisations such as the WME IMG annual Summit for its several 1000s of executives and top management, at FIESP- the federation of Industries SaoPaolo, Everis NTT Data, Schneider Electric, J.P Morgan and several others.
Sri Preethaji has addressed reputed universities such as Dartmouth Ivy League university, Pavia University, Fudan University, China Europe International Business School, & prestigious gatherings of conscious world leaders on different platforms like The world wide meeting on human values in Mexico, the World preeminent ideas festival - the flagship summit at Los Angeles, TEDx Kansas City on living free of stress, TEDx Shanghai & India’s most prestigious economic summit - India Economic Conclave.
Sri Preethaji has mediated peace between warring factions of the post civil war-torn Columbia. The world is certainly a more peaceful place because of her presence in it.
As a family Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji and their daughter Lokaa created Lokaa foundation that works with a 1000 villages around Ekam. Its youth programs have impacted the lives of more than 500,000 students in India and the world to nurture conscious leadership and change makers in the world. The foundation’s flagship project is the World Village Project to create self sustaining, carbon neutral, eco-friendly villages around Ekam.
Preethaji & Krishnaji
Beautiful states include experience of calm, connection, passion, joy, vitality & inner peace. When we are not in a beautiful state, our default state is stress or suffering.
Preethaji & Krishnaji
Only when you are awakened to the magnificent state of connection – you experience the sacredness of life. You are truly living.
Schedule for AWAKEN — for Conscious Organizations.

The timings above are only approximate. AWAKEN is an Organic Journey that would flow depending on the Depth of the Meditations, Processes and Interactions.
Preethaji & Krishnaji
LOVE is where you feel the other to be a sacred gift from the Universe. You live in the knowing that what they bring to your life is irreplaceable.
Without Hotel Accommodation
  • Participation in 4 days exclusive program with Preethaji
  • Meals within 4 days
  • Translation (multi-language)
With Hotel Accommodation
  • Participation in 4 days exclusive program with Preethaji
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Meals within 4 days
  • Translation (multi-language)
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